It’s Okay Not to be Okay

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2019)

It’s difficult to admit that we are not okay when society dictates that we should portray a life lived so perfectly. As a result, we put bandages on our wounds, not to protect ourselves but to simply prevent our negative emotions from leaking out. Because we are conditioned to carry through a self-imposed equilibrium with everything about ourselves and our surroundings being bright and sunny as they should be. 

But what happens if you hit a roadblock, when you get stuck, and your anxiety overpowers you? You broke up from a long-term relationship everyone thought would last forever. You lost a lot of opportunities pursuing a career you thought was your mission. You have become indecisive and misplaced your sense of aspiration. 

How do you break away from the overwhelming feeling of having to deal with a lot of things? You’re the breadwinner but you lost your job. Your bank account looks scary. Everyone is depending on you. 

How do you engage with chaos when everything seems to be falling apart? You’re losing yourself. You feel alone and underappreciated. You are angered and in deep pain. 

What do you do when you are faced with these kind of life experiences? How do you snap out of your doomsday when the only solution seem to be quitting or moving to some Pacific island?

When negative self-talk speaks louder, do you really go past the moment when you are not okay, and move forward to making yourself feel better? To find resolutions? To start the art of letting go? 

Your situation might not be ideal, but allow your emotions to take precedence before finding a solution. Sometimes, giving yourself a break from your never ending problem solving routine can clear your mind and leave your heart at peace. It will most likely help you restore your strength and regain your self-trust.

It’s difficult for someone who has always been brave (or at least acted to) but you need to stop pushing your emotions down. You need to feel and experience them. You can’t keep hiding from your mask of make-believe happiness. Admitting that you are sad, although not easy, is a step closer to realizing not feeling okay doesn’t make you weak. 

You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling not okay. Sometimes things don’t go our way. Sometimes we are not okay. Your physical and emotional energy can get drained. Life isn’t all rainbows. But you don’t have to keep quiet. Talk about your feelings openly. You will be surprised knowing how loved you are, because you are never alone. 

I can’t pretend to know nor feel what you’re going through. But you have to slow down, detoxify and rest. Change your environment if you must, whether it means moving to another country or cleaning your room. 

Give yourself permission to not be okay. You are not a burden, and you will never be. Seek help, find a shoulder to lean on. You don’t have the answer for everything, but you know yourself well to know that it’s okay not be okay. 


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