(Last Updated On: March 23, 2019)

It is not romanticizing when you admit that you fail but refuse to be labeled as a failure. Relatedly, it is not patronizing when you acknowledge that failure is indeed real and equally recognize that it is not the end destination but one of many life events. Because you do not become a failure when you learn and grow stronger. It is like the feeling of falling when you are learning to fly, or drowning when you are learning to swim. You fall on your knees or struggle to breathe, but you get up because you are not a failure.

While it is true that our society tends to blame and shame people due to its lack of ability to differentiate eventsof failure with the personal characteristicsof being a failureit is important that you wear a badge of honor whenever you choose to take risks, to brave the tides and to learn especially in midst of trials. Through it all, you look beyond the other side of fear and you take steps forward because you are not a failure.

Contrary to the illusory race of success you have several times been deceived with, detours on the journey towards your ambitions aren’t always cause for delay. They are opportunities for you to do something remarkable, and perhaps to discover your hidden potential. You understand fully that you can’t always get what you want. You do not aim to have a depth of a puddle, because you are not a failure.  

You can fail, but you can’t be a failure. You learn to become successful. Yes, you are allowed to wallow at times, but you must commit to resurface as a winner because you are not a failure.


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