Reminders For 2019 Not Resolutions

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2019)

2017 was the year I told myself to recover. To recover from scars that were caused by raised voices not words, disparaging tittle-tattles and fraudulent relationships. To recover from friendships that were outgrown. To recover from a life that gravitated more towards the need to please to keep peace. And to recover from self-doubts, pettiness and insecurities. It was a difficult and challenging process but certainly a learning experience that allowed me to regain self-respect, self-acceptance and confidence.


2018 was the year I committed to reemerge. To reemerge with a better version of myself—one that is forgiving but without forgetting the lessons I have learned from past mistakes; one that is focused but without having to compromise the need to keep moving forward; and one that is practical but without losing the magic of dreaming.

This year, in celebration of welcoming yet another ‘adulthood phase’ (also known as my 30thyear) and advancing from these previous chapters, I decided to depart from the tradition of resolutions and opted to list reminders. I thought maybe if I could remind myself of the most important lessons in life I would be able to thrive not just survive, and feel fulfilled more than successful.

Of course, I understand that it will be different for each of us, but I would like to share these reminders hoping that they can also help you remain in the “right” track without disregarding the importance of living a life.

  1. You are kind and beautiful, so are the people around you. Get to know other people, listen to them, and be with them. You will be surprised to discover the unwritten love that binds us all.
  2. Remember that it is rain that grows flowers not thunder. When expressing yourself, raise your words not your voice.
  3. Feel the rain on your skin. Sing. Dance. Especially when everyone is looking. Live, love and laughisn’t a cliché for nothing.
  4. You’re alright. You might not be where you want to be yet, but you are in the right place to learn the hardships that come before success.
  5. Be brave. Your scars are there to remind you that you have surpassed challenges, and you will continue to do so because you can.
  6. Congratulate yourself more often. Celebrate milestones regardless of their magnitude.
  7. Do not let the system create a monstrous robot in you. Be your own master.
  8. Respect your weekends and vacation days. Your family is more important than your emails.
  9. Be selfish enough so that you don’t lose yourself. Be selfless enough so that you don’t lose your heart.
  10. Not everyone will understand nor appreciate the work that you do. Not everyone will see your vision. Not everyone will believe you. Just roll up those sleeves, continue doing what is right and what is good for the many.
  11. Life is not a race. Live a life driven by passion and compassion. And never forget to bring in humor and style.
  12. Create your own sunshine not only when your light is dimmed, but every day.
  13. Always bring with you a pocketful of ‘I will’ and ‘I can’. You never know when you will need them.
  14. Have faith.
  15. Dream in color. Dream with your eyes wide open.
  16. The sky is never the limit. There is never a limit to what you can achieve, and what you can be.
  17. You might feel trapped. But the cage you are in is and will never be someone’s responsibility. Break free from it. Break free from the cage your mind created.
  18. Beat the hate with love.
  19. Don’t give up.
  20. Get Up! Work hard! Go far!
  21. You are not a victim of your skin color, your body, your gender, nor your religion. Be proud of what and who you are. Fight for what and who you are.
  22. Be a pioneer more than pious.
  23. Pay it forward and maximize the impact you can make in this world.
  24. Age doesn’t equate to maturity. Age doesn’t define competence. You are never too young to lead!
  25. Choose to be surrounded with people that share the same passion, and the same eagerness to love and live.
  26. Grow up without losing your inner child. It will remind you of hope.
  27. Be not the know-it-all, but the learn-it-all.
  28. Love yourself.
  29. When you fall, it’s called learning. Not failing.
  30. Through it all just stand up. Stand up taller for every fall.

A new year doesn’t call for a new you. But an improved version of yourself. So, go ahead and recover. Fight back and re-emerge. Remind yourself that you can do this and the world is yours.



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