Style the Trend: Embracing the Pajama Culture

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2019)

Trade-offs. It took me years to learn and accept this. While for some, it involves losing something in return for gaining another thing, I prefer to define it as a way of compromise with the intention of achieving a certain balance between two desirable but seemingly incompatible features. It relates to the ways we balance our wants and needs, our life and work, even our means in defining ourselves in a society where norms seem unbreakable.

It’s the same story when the pajama became a trend on the runway and in the streets. Designers and fast-fashion creators know that we need comfort but that we also want all things pretty for whatever we wear. So, hail Caesar, they broke the norm and introduced the appropriateness of bringing innerwear outdoor. The trick is ingenuous, nostalgic, and can be easily recreated with items already in our closet.

It’s a simple adding of innerwear and what you typically wear when you leave for your daily errands. For example, a tee, ruffled blouse, or whatever you currently have. Certainly, a fuss free choice of look that could most likely be an all-occasion appropriate too!

Style the trend: embracing the pajama culture

Forever 21 Look

Style the trend: embracing the pajama culture  Style the trend: embracing the pajama culture

Stradivarius Blazer and Pants, Inces Top, Aldo Heels

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