Valentino & Sports Luxe

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2019)

I have never been athletic enough to qualify as sports active. Not that I hid from the lockers in my years in school, I was just kept busy with other things nerdy not to mention not having the stamina for running. But I have always adored varsity jackets, joggers and sneakers minus the sweat and the mud stains. I must admit that back in the days, they were the epitome of cool trouncing my checkered skirts and knee-high socks.

Cheers to second chances and fast forward to today’s trend, joining the cult of sports looking homo sapiens has become very much possible! Even more exciting is the amalgamation of fashion and sports, also referred to as ‘athleisure’ or ‘sports luxe’. A clothing and design inspired by sport, but by no means exclusive to sports labels, this trend is all about luxe sportswear that will never venture near the gym nor a tennis court. The real deal is that it is the new cool. Trust me on this, or better yet Gigi Hadid (current obsession by the way)!

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To score it right, I reckon finishing any of your sports luxe look with a Valentino bag, which does not only elevate your overall get up (90s terminology I know) but also allows for a pop of color like your cheering for the winning team.

Valentino & Sports Luxe Valentino & Sports Luxe Valentino & Sports Luxe Valentino & Sports Luxe Valentino & Sports Luxe Valentino & Sports Luxe


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