Kate Spade: On the Sunny Side

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2019)

I have always wanted to be one of the adults.

Because I envy how their grown-up pack appears so free, at times careless but that didn’t matter, they could get away with anything. Their decisions were always justifiable because they knew more, and simply because their aged experiences were not to be questioned. At least that is what I thought it would be. Until I became one of the pack.

Everything became more complex and complicated as soon as I got in the empire of adulthood. There were more restrictions, rules and etiquettes to follow, and norms to become part of. For the first time, I felt challenged and scared, but mostly caught in between the ‘expected and accepted’ and ‘unusual and unconventional’. There were young bloods who rebelled and immediately embraced all things unusual and unconventional in leading their adult lives. There were those who took the road traveled by most, and they were simply expected and accepted by the real world.

I did both, at least I tried. You would think pursuing both is an easy escape, but really it is not. There were times when I was being unusual and unconventional, and was deeply rejected by people who were strict believers of what is expected and accepted. I was criticized, and once was referred to as ‘self-centered’. To date, it is still the most hurtful remark I’ve ever received. Then there was a time when I was participating with cautious obedience, but I was still marginalized, mostly by young ones who taught I was betraying them, to some extent a traitor of their ideology.

I have not regretted my choices. I like to believe that I learn more experiencing both worlds. In continuously doing so, I am also able to live through a variety of challenges and opportunities, which also serve as a multitude source of inspirations to better myself.

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On the sunny side, choosing to be respectful of both principles, also allows me to act and dress up like an adult without losing my inner nonconformist. Much like wearing Kate Spade on your business meetings. It is expected and accepted that you dress up accordingly, but you are not necessarily restricted to be unusual and unconventional with your choice of wardrobe. Think orthodoxy meets avant-garde, or to some extent letting your miss adventure prevail.

Kate Spade is not only a brand but a message that adheres to living colorfully, allowing for the positive amalgamation of wisdom (usually associated with the once young) and passion (usually associated with the young ones). That success knows no age, and fulfillment does not have austere boundaries.

Certainly, every Kate Spade creation reflects real life stories.  It is safe to consider them as designs with substance.

So far, it is also a brand that best describes my current state of mind in relation to adulthood: acting with wisdom, but living with a young heart.

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