Style the Trend: 3 Ways to Wear Velvet

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2019)

The return of velvet, although inevitable, still took us by surprise, simply because it did not necessarily associate with the festive seasons and goth subcultures, but with a certain casual revolution. Although there are still elements of luxury, styling the new trend allows for more color and versatility while radiating a feminine influence. This trend also departs from the common knowledge that the fabric is reserved primarily for the glam and glitz of the night. Instead it acknowledges its suitability for daylight hours.

There are numerous ways to style the velvet trend that are uncomplicated and far from overwhelming. My favorite velvet modes usually follow a style that is transitional, easy, and with a little bit of flashback.

You can pair a velvet jacket for example with your go-to staples like a perfect finishing touch. You can drape it over your shoulders, and you instantly invent a city chic look.

Style the trend: 3 ways to wear velvet

Stradivarius Velvet Blazer, H&M Shirt, Pants and Heels

Or if you are feeling bold, you can choose to wear it from head to toe. It feels like it is spring all over again.

Style the trend: 3 ways to wear velvet

Zara Velvet Dress, Charles & Keith Heels

And if you are reminded of your childhood, returning to the 90s can be both fun and nostalgic.

Style the trend: 3 ways to wear velvetStyle the trend: 3 ways to wear velvet

Pull & Bear Denim Coat, Zara Velvet Dress, Mango Boots

The really good news is; with a casual revolution, we can now feel velvety at any time of the day.


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