Michael Kors: Luxury Made Affordable

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

I have always been a fan of luxury brands. Not because of their notoriety in apparently elevating one’s prestige, at least in the public eye. But because of the artistry and craftsmanship that shapes every product they launch, the attention to detail in order to produce beauty and perfection, and the human effect that allow us to come into contact with tangible art, without devaluing art.

Of course, luxury brands come with a hefty price tag. Most of the time, they are unattainable while for some they are simply impractical. But this has become a past truth, with all credit due to Michael Kors. In 2004, the launching of the MICHAEL Michael Kors line democratized fashion by selling everyday luxury at a price within reach of many more than a privileged few. He redefined luxury being wearable at any time of the day, even if that means having to bring your bag from a tea party to the market. He appealed the most to women, who sought his bags for functionality without losing the element of luxury. In his words, these women are ‘glamourous jugglers’, who despite having to balance all the several life factors and choices they face on a daily basis, maintains glamour and confidence.

Everyone can easily fall in love with everything that has a Michael Kors tag on it. For instance, the designs and shapes of MK bags are classic, practical and trendy, and appropriate for all ages and lifestyles. You can’t go wrong with them, especially with that shiny gold coin-shaped MK logo, which by the way has led the brand to reach a stratospheric height in the fashion market.

Certainly, Michael Kors made it possible for the jet set lifestyle, once reserved for the rich and famous, to be experienced by everyone without restrictions. A fashion phenomenon that deserves laudable applause!

Michael Kors: Luxury Made AffordableMichael Kors: Luxury Made AffordableMichael Kors: Luxury Made Affordable


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