Current Mood: Daytime Partying

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

We all reach a certain age when nighttime partying no longer excites us. In fact, we will probably exhaust all possible reasons just to avoid it. It’s not because we have become boring, but perhaps our priorities have changed or our biological clock just simply transitioned to being couch friendly.

Of course, we still love our glass of wine and our favorite freezing cold beer, but we prefer to have them during backyard barbecues, road trips, and outdoor concerts. We have also befriended Mr. Sunshine as our personal spotlight, which makes disco balls less cool. Simply put: we indulge to everything that can be done during the day, way before our pajama time. Because after all, there’s nothing a good dose of sunshine can’t fix!

As a result, we have also committed to tracking down the perfect daytime party dress! Indeed, a challenging and difficult task alongside a state of transitional lifestyle, but also the best excuse to go shopping (ladies, I’m with you on this!).

One my recent discoveries is the artistic interpretation of daytime party dresses by Natthida. Her work exemplifies top-notch craftsmanship while effortlessly fusing exquisiteness and comfort.

In her newest collection, Natthida allows you to opt for relaxed look but still fab and chic. Think a Sex and the City meets Gossip Girl look. Seriously, why keep things casual when dressing up is so much fun?

You will also notice shoulder bearing tops, asymmetrical and peplum skirts, and deep cut necklines, which encourage showing some skin without overdoing it. Consider it your go-to ensemble to survive the humid and hot temperature of summer parties. Finally, she never misses to play with colors. Whether you prefer to go monochromatic or festive, wearing her dresses will let you fit right in!

Ladies, if Natthida is not in your vocabulary, it’s probably time to commit it to memory now.

Natthida1 Natthida2 Natthida3 Natthida4 Natthida6 Natthida7 Natthida8 Natthida9 Natthida10 Natthida11 Natthida12 Natthida13 Natthida14 Natthida15 Natthida16 Natthida17 Natthida18 Natthida19 Natthida20 Natthida22

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