Quantico and Cargo Pants

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2017)

Without being a Shonda Rhimes show, Quantico delivers twists and turns that are so fast-paced and unexpected that even thriller series fan could be left puzzled. In fact, every episode is a solid cliffhanger leaving you with certain level of suspense, so that you do not to miss the next episode!

The reviews and ratings have mixed results but I will have to express my bias that the show is certainly a must-watch. It did not only make a broadcast history by having a heroin from Bollywood and a diverse cast representing several cultural backgrounds, but it also challenged the precept of how people with different beliefs and thoughts and emotions work together under one single cause. If the story progresses to be well sustained in the upcoming episodes, Quantico may potentially play an important role in changing the political and socio-cultural landscape of Hollywood.

While we are all on the qui vive of the development of the story, I would like to share some of my learning from the show:

Cargo pants are not exclusively made for soldiers or agents. It’s practical and can be easily worn even in your lazy days.

When different people are thrown together in high pressure workplace with the intention of achieving one goal, chaos can be inevitable. Respecting each other can help strike a balance while trust and loyalty are key to ensure unity in diversity.

Alex also reminded us that ‘information is only worth anything if you trust the source that it came from’.

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