Slip it On

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

It’s underwear not outerwear. I get it. But can’t we just let it slip? It can be quixotic but when we have fashion tycoons deconstructing the primary conceptualization of a slip dress, chances are we might just be left in awe of how they would dare to bare it. Also, if you can be furious like me with the tedious practicalities of bra straps, this might just be the time to join the craze.

Without advocating to reveal more skin, the key is to play this look down and not to be too flashy with the silk. An easy way to do that is to wear a t-shirt under, throw any form of jacket or blazer, and you are set to be trendy!

SlipDress1 SlipDress3 SlipDress4 SlipDress6 SlipDress7

H&M Slip Dress, T-Shirt, Blazer and Hat, Clark’s Heels


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