Same Difference

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Wearing two different colored shoes as a pair can activate those unlike buttons. After all, the fashion headlines haven’t really popularized it as a trend. But while I’m working on this month’s ‘out of the ordinary and unexpected’ theme, it might not really be a stretch. If it is, I might just be too early for the National Two Different Colored Shoes Day which is scheduled on the 3rd of May (mark your calendar!). Uhu! It is an ‘unofficial’ holiday created by Dr. Arlene Kaiser to celebrate human diversity!

Understandably, there aren’t many style tips available to guide anyone who is willing to undertake a potential fashion mishap. But it might well depend on color coordination and proportion, with a little bit of daring attitude. Tried my luck today.

SameDifference1  SameDifference3 SameDifference4 SameDifference5 SameDifference8 SameDifference9SameDifference10SameDifference7

H&M Top, Zara Pants, SM Parisian Heels


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