That 1970s Disco

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Juxtaposing the terms music and fashion became key in determining individuality at the same time belongingness in the 70s. Punk music inspired the subscription to black leather and gothic embellishment, while folk and psychedelic rocks bands lured their fans to bell-bottomed jeans and bold patterns. Then there was that 1970s disco music, which made mini dresses the glitteriest and polyester trousers hit the dance floor. It created a totally different club culture!

Disco did what no other music genre did before. It brought together people of all backgrounds and walks of life, looking for a good time. Its core values included love and acceptance and it was very forgiving.

While the disco era turned out to be short-lived, its legacy remains. Today, you can rock a 70s disco look not only during the night but even in broad day light!

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Bench/ Collared Top, Pull&Bear Pants, Payless ShoeSource Heels, Bershka Necklace


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