Rebellious 1960s

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

The 1960s witnessed two very different kinds of fashion trends. The early part of the decade reflected elegant and conservative style much like the preceding decade. Popular staples consisted of suits, snug fit and below-the-knee length skirts, and simple geometric dresses. Then, during the later part of the decade, big social movements grew in size and influenced the fashion trends. These movements popularized the colorful, mismatched, psychedelic and retro patterns that have become synonymous with the rebellious 1960s

Personally, I associate the 1960s more closely with the latter. I love the imagery of cultural revolution and Woodstock generation challenging the status quo. This generation paved the transition from the youth-oriented looks to the romanticized and granny-style inspired clothes. Long dresses and sleeveless were reimagined, and long hair was worn down not up. Hippies and the young people dictated fashion trends. They mixed vintage and ethnic clothing, uniqueness and individuality, and art and nature. It was rebellious and enthralling.

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