A day with Yves Rocher

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

We all know that the ‘turning-pale, skin-drying’ worry is real, especially as the temperatures drops. Unfortunately, some of our regular daily and night creams, including our make-up will no longer be suitable for the cold weather. Sometimes, our usual regimen can worsen the case. So, we are left with the ultimate challenge of the season— finding the right products to keep our skin hydrated.

Thankfully, just when the unpleasant chill hit the air, we all have a fairy godmother to run to–Yves Rocher. Here’s her magical note of the things we need to do to survive the weather:

Integrate the clean-tone-moisturize hydra vegetal range as part of your skin care regimen, and your skin will never be thirsty again!

Do not forget the perfect primer to prep your skin for makeup. It’s the key for a flawless complexion all day long.

Your love-hate relationship with different foundation, cream or liquid, could simply be due to coverage incompatibility. Go for medium coverage, and don’t be too bothered by those freckles. They are beautiful!

The key to achieving that day & night smoky eye makeup is proper blending. Get to know the colors that complement your skin, and invest on good makeup brushes.

The skin concealer is the answer to those dark circles. Although, don’t become too spoiled using it. Get some sleep!

To even and mattify complexion, finish with the flawless skin powder.

Oh, don’t forget those pretty lips! Suit your mood. You can have the sexy pulp volume gloss, or the radiant lip crayon for some natural shade, the grand rouge will do too.

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