Borrowed From Him

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Have you ever eyed your boyfriend for looking so fab in whatever he wears so much that you want to steal his style? I have! In fact, I tend to borrow his clothes with or without his permission. His shirts, sweaters, socks and if only his pants fits me, I would borrow them too! But my favorite is his suit and tie. For some reason, suit and tie exudes power and conviction, so polish that I’ve been wanting to wear them myself.

Sadly, I cannot possibly fit in his suit and tie (which he is probably very thankful of). Instead, I will have to recreate my own menswear inspired look. And while the style is borrowed from him, this doesn’t mean you should wear a look without a touch of femininity. It’s like being all dandy but at the same time looking like a woman. If that make sense.

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Zara Collared Shirt and Pants, Forever21 Blazer, Clarks Boots, &OtherStories Hat