Wednesday Errands

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

For some of us, our weekly wardrobe calendar can be as exciting as our hectic schedule. We will put on our business as usual look on a Monday, which we will most likely carry on until Tuesday. And we will be casual but maybe not too casual on a Thursday as we prep for a dress-down Friday. But so often, we leave out Wednesday undefined, unplanned, or simply uninteresting.

Hence, I am launching the #WednesdayLook series for this month, and starting right away with an easy-to-wear ensemble fit for your Wednesday errands. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for school, the market, or lunch with friends. Denim dress brings a classic look that everyone can easily pull off.

MidweekLook1 MidweekLook2 MidweekLook3 MidweekLook4 MidweekLook5 MidweekLook6 MidweekLook7 MidweekLook8 MidweekLook9

Zara Denim Dress and Knee Length Ankle Boots, Veritas Brown Belt, Mango Bag