Me-time Sunday

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2019)

Sundays are so stereotypically lazy. We stay longer in bed. We skip breakfast, or we simply squeeze breakfast and lunch together. After all, we are the brainchild of Sunday brunches!  We also transform into couch potatoes with our eyes glued on just any kind of screen, our phone, computer or television. Or we just don’t do anything at all, except for inflating and deflating our lungs. Because on Sundays we are entitled to be lazy. Apparently.

But should we really make a habit of sitting around doing nothing on Sundays? How about we redefine our Sundays? Just a little bit. Instead of Lazy Sunday we will refer to it as Me-time Sunday. Instead of sleeping all day long, we will reward ourselves on Sundays through:

a) A Walk in the Park
Two things. You can either physically (not subconsciously in your dreams) walk in a park nearby, or you can hit the supermarket, potentially a weekend market as well. Consider it as your physical, emotional and mental exercise without having to sweat! Plus you will be surprised at how ‘eureka moments’ can cross your mind during those walks.

b) Sunday Project
The purpose is to make sure you get out of bed. Well, at some point. As a motivation you can work on some sort of a Sunday project. It has to be interesting enough that you will even look forward to it! Perhaps it’s about time to start gardening? Try out a sport? Start a book club? Whatever it takes to make your Sunday a little more productive.

c) Preparing for the Week Ahead
If you like making a to-do list like me, you might try doing it on Sundays instead of having to cram first hour on Mondays, thinking of what you need to accomplish for the week. On Sundays, take advantage of your more relaxed mental state, free from the Monday blues.

Today, I did a solid me-time Sunday walking in the park.
How about you? How will you spend your Sunday?

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