Business as usual

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

In one of my previous posts I talked about being back to school and the perks of recreating a comfortable and chic dress code. It is my everyday life in Belgium. It’s blissful! But on the other side of the world, where I still work for an international organization, suit & tie is the norm. It is my everyday life in the Philippines. It’s a roughly polished real world! Put together, I am studying while working, or working while studying, whichever works best to frame it. As you may have already figured out, indeed, I do travel back and forth to fulfill both tasks. And today, it’s business as usual.

At work, the terms are different. What you wear can and will be held against you. I remember, when I was still starting my journey for the so-called ‘career ladder’, one of my mentors said, ‘come to work dressed for the position you are aiming for’. I jokingly answered, ‘in that case, I’d like to come to work in my cat woman attire’. Of course, that was dismissed, especially that my response was inspired from a 9gag post, which she probably doesn’t know.

So instead she introduced power dressing which according to her involves wearing well tailored dresses paired with stilettos, and the right set of accessories. Easy. Well, it was sounding easy until she added the need to carry the entire outfit with certain refinement while establishing a strong sense of authority. How do you that? In her own explanation, she said, ‘you enter a room, and make sure you steal everyone’s attention’. Now, that’s a challenge!

Years after, I have devised my own power dressing formula. A well-ironed dress, it doesn’t matter if its tailored or off the rack + statement stilettos or flats + watch, as every day accessory, nothing more + a power smile to steal everyone’s attention. Works all the time!

Now, back to work.

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