Pick, Click and Shop

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

It is incredible how the culture of shopping has transformed in just a matter of years. From teleshopping to online shopping, everything you need is now certainly just a click away! It sounds so appealing you can almost fall for it. Almost.

I used to be one of those who resisted becoming a consumer of online shopping. I have always known that it is fast, convenient and hassle free. But it was difficult for me to grasp how possible it is to ensure product suitability especially with clothing which requires trial fitting. Of course, I was particularly concern of the size, color, and style!

Until I discovered ZALORA. Contrary to what I’ve initially imagined, it was surprisingly sufficiently informative (sizes, color, style, etc.), practical (no transportation cost, free delivery when you reach certain total amount), easy-to-use (easily navigated tabs) and enjoyable (there is so much to choose from)! To top it all I also received the products I ordered earlier than the indicated delivery day, all in good condition and according to my expectations. From that day on, I became a convert of the pick, click and shop culture.

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Zalora by Something Borrowed Dress and Chloe Heels, Kultura Filipino Handbag, Bijou Brigitte Necklace