Back to School

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

I still remember the day when I was impatiently hoping for high school to be over. All I wanted was to get into college and become skilled with a certain specialization. I couldn’t wait to be in the real world to live with the grown ups, and do everything grown up. I was enticed with the idea of having to earn my own money. This would enable me to finally buy the things I want without my parents restricting me with the ‘needs vs. wants’ discussion. Of course that was just my imagination gibber jabbering.

Fast forward, after five years of living in the real world I decided to slightly modify my track and return to school with two goals in mind: personal and professional growth.  So far, being back to school is an enthralling experience.

To add a little more excitement, going back to school also means a break from the corporate suite & tie. This allowed me to recreate a comfortable and chic dress code. Today, I start with Bench/ basics for a back to school outfit inspiration. #LoveLocal

Backtoschool11 Backtoschool10 Backtoschool9 Backtoschool8 Backtoschool7 Backtoschool6 Backtoschool5 Backtoschool4 Backtoschool3 Backtoschool2

Bench/ Collared Top and Skirt, NewLook Oxford Shoes