Throwback 2015

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2016)

Today is most likely the day we allow ourselves to indulge into some sort of retrospection and reevaluation of what transpired in 2015. The cool kids which apparently includes my younger siblings would call this process a ‘throwback’. Challenged to apply this new found knowledge, what follows would be my attempt to do a throwback with a little bit of modification featuring some of my significant personal events and key learning for 2015.

On Leadership

2015 almost took a horrendous toll on me. In addition to my usual plateful of responsibilities, I was faced with a daily dose of difficult decisions and drawing lines. It was a year of ensuring efficient delivery of tasks despite of limited resources. Every single step necessitated a conscious and constant zooming in and out, to be guided with the bigger picture while considering the smaller details. In the process, I learned the importance of marrying responsibility with accountability, of weighing the pain of effort against regret, to find and build my passion, and to be prepared to be misunderstood when driving innovation and change.

On Friendship

2015 taught me that choosing your friends is both a responsibility and a commitment. To complicate it even more, when you commit for friendship you also inevitably take an oath to bind the bond with trust and loyalty. Your friends will not be measured in numbers, instead through the times you stick together, never giving up on each other. Your friends will not be evaluated on how much they make you laugh or how often they are with you, but on how much they will help you grow in your personal and professional life.

You will lose some friends. It is the reality. Because as we grow old it is a matter of fact that we also outgrow people. Keep the ones that are worth to hang onto and do not despair on the ones you lose.

On Love & Relationship

Contrary to the fairy tale stories, you will not meet a prince charming or a knight in shining armor. In real life, you will meet someone who is more charming than a prince and will protect you more than a knight can. You will be in your happiest state when you meet him.

2015 is certainly a year to remember. There were challenges and milestones, disappointments and triumphs, but most importantly fulfillment and happiness.

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