Off to a Reunion

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2016)

Every year an invitation for a reunion is posted on my grade school, high school or university group pages. Eventually it will be dubbed as the most awaited reunion after some number of years. Everyone will look forward to it! Unfortunately, I always miss reunions! I’ve theorized that it could be due to my nomadic nature which is partially caused by my tendency to accept a plateful of responsibilities. No regrets, just a little bit of sigh.

Instead I am left with the stories of the reunions. They say there will be excitement with a bit of anxiousness. Of course! Rumor has it that during the reunion everything will either be measured or numbered. Your waistline, the height of your stiletto, the number of watch hands you have in your supposedly genuine omega, or the weight of your leather bag. Then there’s the question of how many went to your wedding (it cannot be below a hundred), whether your kids go to any of the ‘widely accepted best schools’, or if you get your clothes tailored or off the rack. Although, rumor has it that it will also be a fun-filled exchanges of throw back stories (and potentially photos), a lot of laughter (usually endless), and a rekindled sense of belonging. It will be a youthful reunion! I’ve certainly heard stories of reunions.

Meantime, while I am still counting the days until I am off to a reunion, I might as well commit to some dress rehearsals starting with a fur-fect coat, the usual black dress and a little bit of red.

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Dolce&Gabbana Dress, Forever21 Fur Coat, NewLook Heels, Sacola Hat

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