The Day After Christmas

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2016)

The mix of feelings that fill us post Christmas is inexplicable. At least it was what it seemed like when I took a stroll in the neighborhood today. It was interesting to see how everyone looked as if they were attached with some recent past while seemingly living in the present, and somehow resisting the future although not totally.

While it was joyous to have spent a night of laughter, stories, and sumptuous dinner with family, friends and loved ones, it is certainly a different story the day after Christmas. For some parents, it could be the day their son will return to his university city while their eldest daughter travels back to her work overseas. It will take another year for them to see each other again. It might take longer. For the lady living at the corner of the street, it could be the day her parents will leave for a long vacation while her best friend phones to inform her that she is off to another adventure. As an excuse not to bid farewell, she will head to her room and try on the dress she received from her mom. Eventually, she will realize something is missing until she finally decides to pair the dress with the shoes her boyfriend has sent her. She will turn to the mirror and it will not take a while for her to be convinced that she is stunning. In fact, she will finally admit that she is truly beautiful. For an old man, it could be just any other day in the park where he would sit in his favorite bench. He will start to daydream of the year that is yet to come. He will smile. He will see a glimpse of the future and in turn, he will make a little nod to gesture he is ready for yet another exciting and prosperous year.

Some would say the day after Christmas is when we are ‘back to reality’. If that is the case, I would like to think that when we are all ‘back in our (respective) reality’, we commit to continue sharing the important values of Christmas—community, giving and appreciation.

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