Day & Night

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

It’s Friday. It’s your most awaited day of the week. It’s your date night with your special someone or with the girls, or with your parents (sometimes they like Friday night dinners too!). It’s when you are keen to have that ‘from desk to dinner table’ kind of outfit without having to look overdress at work or school, and underdress at your dinner or party. It almost sounds difficult to achieve!

On the contrary it is actually rather easy and believe it or not, it’s fun! It is something I enjoy doing myself! It’s also practical. On such a busy day at work you might get invited by a colleague you have been crushing on! You can’t simply say you will need to head home to change for the night. That will be an obvious attempt to exert extra effort. To appear effortlessly ready, my three top secrets include:

Consider dresses or tops with cut-outs (although the cuts must be strategically located for obvious reasons)

Short or Jump Suits (they might appear rather casual but by choosing those with interesting details and exciting colors you can easily elevate your game!)

Colored toppers or Kimonos (whatever weather you may be it’s your stylish savior)

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Forever21 Kimono, SM Woman Black Dress, SM Parisian Heels, Victoria Secret Embellished Clutch