Height Matters

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2016)

‘Long dresses and pants are for tall people only. They don’t look good on you!’
Ever had someone telling you this? I did!
Did I let it get through me? For a moment, but not for long! Definitely not for long!

The truth is, height can really matter. This isn’t a new subject matter. Several studies have shown the correlation between height and socioeconomic status, height and intelligence, height and beauty, and so on. One example is the study of Case and Paxson in 2006 in which they established that generally tall people earn more than short people. Before we all criticize them, it is important that we do not oversimplify the findings of the study. Mark Borden in The New Yorker explained that Case and Paxson theorize that if children are provided proper health and nutrition, they will be able to reach their maximum height and intelligence of their genetic destiny. In other words, a person genetically programmed to be six feet four who reaches only six feet two because of poor nutrition is not necessarily smarter than someone who with optimal nutrition has reached his full height potential of five feet four.

The other truth is, height may matter, but how you fulfill your height potential still depends on you. So as long as you are comfortable wearing that long dress or that long pants, I am sure you will rock it!

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