Falling In Love with the Colors of Autumn

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

I have learned how to read through karaoke (my parents can be creative!). Songs will be categorized according to speed—slow, medium and fast. Yes, my reading competency was being assessed according to how accurately I can sing a song in different levels of speed! Whether or not it was effective, my parents are the best to answer.

Setting that story aside (but not completely), one of the songs in the ‘slow level’ which was James Taylor’s ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ made a certain mark. It did not only help me learn how to read, but also made me dream of traveling to experience winter, spring, summer and fall. It was one of those childhood dreams, much like being at Disneyland!

It is always an interesting experience whenever I travel or live in a four-season country. Each season has its unique beauty that entices you inexplicably! Autumn, for instance, never ceases to fascinate me. The changing colors of the trees and the rustic scent –how can you not fall in love with Autumn?


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